2014-15 Executive Committee




University of Bradford Law Society


2014-15 Executive Committee:


President: Sheroze Nedeem


I thank you all for allowing me to be the President of the Law society for the year, It is a great honour and I will fulfill my duty to the best level for you all.


I believe a lot more can be achieved from the Student Law Society and there is still a great deal to be done to help the University and the law students so that we are on par with other leading Law schools. The reason I stood up for the role was to help introduce these changes so that there can be continuous improvements even after current students have left.


I look forward to seeing you all throughout the year and if you have any suggestions or would like some advice then feel free to contact myself or any of the other Society members.



Secretary: Ajmal Maniar


My name's Ajmal and I’m the current Co-Vice President and Secretary to the UoB Law Society. As boring as the roles sound it’s not too bad, it’s the chance for me along with my peers on the executive team to give something back to all the current and upcoming law students, it allows us to hold trips, events, socials that students would like to partake in but may not have had a chance to.


I am currently in my final year and I’ll be hoping to leave with a 1st in my LLB, it’s no mean feat but completely possible with the right amount of work put in.


This year will be awesome, you know why? Because I’ll be taking a stronghold in organizing the events with my peer, buddy and Co Vice President Zain, the two of us organised a trip to Amsterdam and The Hague in January 2014, I think you can understand already how good a trip that will have been.


This coming year we hope to organize another trip but somewhere more subtle, Italy is on the cards, so if you seem interested do hit us up, we don’t bite.


Should you people ever see me around campus which you most definitely will, do stop by and have a chat and I’ll try assisting you in any way I can, just look out for the awkward skinny kid with a nest on his head.



Social Secretary: Sophie Mayat


My name is Sophie and I am a second year LLB Student aiming to qualify as a Barrister. Chances are you will probably hear me before you see me around Uni! This is probably one of the reasons I am the Networking and Social Executive for the UoB Law Society.


My main role is to organise both internal and external events, liaise with local businesses, negotiate membership benefits and schedule socials helping our members to enjoy their university experience and gain from it. This year, I hope to make sure our members are regularly updated with the latest information regarding our campaigns and events via regular emails and newsletters. I would like to extend membership to non-law students as I believe everyone can gain something from the law society, be it the networking opportunities or the academic workshops we run. Inter-course (no not that type! ;) ), inter-year and inter-university collaboration is going to be a focus for this year with the arrangement of mooting competitions and the Annual Law Ball.


I am really looking forward to working with the Law Society Executive Committee this year in order to allow it to continue to prosper in the upcoming year. To keep up with what’s happening and when; Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, tag us on Instagram, befriend me on Linkedin and invite us to any other social media sites you think would be relevant to us! Feel free to send me an email or stop to me to have a chat about any ideas or queries you have.



Competitions Secretary: Zeeshan Asad Khan


My name is Zeeshan Khan, I am the head of all Competitions that the Law Society will be conducting both internally and externally.


By competitions I mean mainly stuff like Mooting in various competitions like the DAC Beechcroft Competition and many more; however Mooting will not be the only thing that


the Law Society will have on offer this upcoming year, the Law Journal will possibly be running once more, this allows our students to write a piece of work on any topic they see fit, the best of which will be published for students, lecturers, local law firms etc to read.


As well as being among the Executive Members of the Law Society I am also a final year student who won't hesitate to help anyone who may ask of it; I have an "open door policy" where anyone and everyone can come say hi and ask for advice on anything that may concern the Law Society, the Campus or the Degree as a whole and what to expect.


All in all I am a chilled out guy who is always willing to meet new students as well as maintain the bonds created over the subsequent two years of studying here at Bradford.



Treasurer: Zain Zaman


Hi, my name is Zain Zaman; I am the current ‘Co-Vice President and Treasurer’ of the UoB Law Society and the only member of the 2013/14 committee to be re-elected (admittedly none of the others stood for re-election but I’m still taking it as a win).


In my second year I was elected as ‘Socials and Web Secretary’ as part of my role I created the law society twitter (@UBLawSociety) and facebook page and put forward the idea of having this website. I also organised (with just a ‘little’ help from my current Co-Vice President, Ajmal Maniar) the most ambitious trip in UoB law society history when we visited Amsterdam & The Hague in January 2014.


My role this year is a bit of a mouthful but essentially I deal with all the money (read: ‘am the most trustworthy’) and am joint second in command of the law society (leaving me to be second in command would have been too much of a power trip).


As part of my role I must work closely with the socials’ secretary and competitions secretary to ensure that we have enough money for all the events we want to do this year and to make sure our members get the most of out of their membership. My job is made a lot easier with sponsorship from Pashas, Romeos, Icestone Gelato and BPP, as well as links with numerous other organisations such as Aspiring Solicitors, Bradford Cyrenians, Karma Nirvana, White Ribbon Campaign and more.


It is never too late to get involved in the law society, so don’t hesitate to email me (zzaman1@student.bradford.ac.uk) or tweet me (@_zainzaman_) if you have any questions or suggestions.



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