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Mooting is an invaluable addition to your degree, which allows you to use the law you learn in a working context. It can be difficult if you are not used to presenting to a room, but it is a safe place to learn, and you will be given feedback by legal professionals including solicitors, barristers, and judges, who will also have mooted when they were students. It is also a great opportunity for networking with the same legal professionals that you may be applying to for vacation schemes and mini pupillages. In the fast moving business of law, it is vital that you enhance your CV, and offer more than just your degree classification.


The 2015-16 mooting team comprised a 3rd year student, Pierre Clarke, and four 2nd year students, Sara Fullalove, Georgios Kartalas, Mohammad Haroon, and Abigail Sisnett. We entered three national mooting competitions which were ESU and Essex Court Chambers, OUP and BPP, and National Speed Mooting.

In the first round of the OUP/BPP competition, at the end of November 2015, we hosted a team from Glasgow University, a third year and a fourth year student. Abigail and Mohammad narrowly lost to them in a question involving damage caused to jewellery.


A week later in December, Sara and Pierre were successful in the first round of the ESU/Essex Court competition against a team from Leeds University. Sara, who acted as lead counsel commented “Law students rarely have the opportunity to use their legal knowledge in real life situations. Mooting allows us to gain experience of applying the law to legal minds who pass judgment on our legal interpretation and advocacy skills. We are lucky here at Bradford to have the support of our academic team, some of whom still practice law.”


The second round of the ESU competition was scheduled to be against the University of Central Lancashire. Unfortunately they were unable to take part, so Bradford received a bye for that round.

In February 2016, Sara, Georgios and Mohammad participated in the National Speed Mooting Competition, which is hosted by the University of Salford. Speed mooting differs from regular mooting in that the material is received the night before, each student has to prepare for both sides, and the time allowed is much shorter (five minutes each). The competition uses a knockout format and involved more than a hundred students from across the country.


For the third round of the ESU competition, Georgios and Mohammad were hosted by Liverpool John Moores University whose team were both third year students. In a closely fought moot, with a question on possible medical malpractice, Bradford narrowly lost out.


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